What You Need To Know About Hacking

What You Need To Know About Hacking.

The term “hacker” is first-time use during the 1990s. The unauthorized access of data is called hacking. A person who accesses the information illegally is called a hacker. Typically, when a person tries to access another person’s data illegally or wants to damage it, it is hacking. “Hacking” is defined as identifying the computer system’s weakness or network and finding the faults to access the system. The best hacker is also known as a network cracker.


How can we Hack?

There are two types of Hacking.

Local Hacking: When a hacker has full access to the system to implant a virus or bug, like keylogger and RATs

Remote Hacking: Remote Hacking is done on a remote system using the Internet.


Who is Hacker?

Some use the term “Hacker” to mean “a clever programmer” and by others, especially those in popular media, to tell “someone who tries to break into computer systems.”

A person who.

  • Have good programming language expertise or network system knowledge.
  • Enjoys doing the programming.
  • Capable of appreciating someone else’s Hacking
  • Pick up programming logic quickly.
  • Is a specialist at a particular programming language skill or system, as in “UNIX hacker.”


Type of Hacking


Hackers are classified according to the purpose of their actions. The following list ranks hackers according to their purpose.

Ethical Hacker (White hat)

Cracker (Black hat)

Grey hat

Script kiddies



Cracker (Black hat):

A hacker who achieves unauthorized access to computer systems for personal plans. The purpose is commonly to steal corporate data, transfer funds from bank accounts, violate privacy rights.


Grey Hat:

A hacker who gains their goals between ethical and black hat hackers is called Grey Hat Hacker. Anyone breaks into computer systems without authority intending to identify weaknesses of the system.


Script kiddies:

A person who has not a skilled person in programming but gains access to computer systems using already made tools.



A hacker who uses Hacking to send social, religious, and political, etc., messages. This is typically done by hijacking websites and leaving a message on the hijacked website.



A hacker who identifies and exploits weaknesses in telephones instead of computers.


Types Of Attack (How Can We Hack )

  • Operating System Attack
  • Application-level Attack
  • Shrink Wrap Code Attack
  • Misconfiguration Attack


Terminologies Used Under Hacking:

Threat: A threat is an environment or situation that could lead to a potential breach of security. Ethical hackers look for and prioritize threats when performing security analysis.

An Exploit

An exploit is a tool/software that takes the benefits of a bug, glitch, or vulnerability, leading to unauthorized access, privilege escalation, or denial of service on a computer system.

Vulnerability: A vulnerability is an existence of a software flaw, logic design, or implementation error that can lead to an unexpected and unwished event executing destructive or damaging instructions to the system. In easy words, vulnerability is a weakness in the system.

Payload: Payload is an agent that helps in taking advantage of a vulnerability in remote Hacking.

Attack: An attack occurs when a system is compromised based on a vulnerability



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