The Need for Databackups

The Need for Backups

In Information technology, the most significant component without which developers, researchers, data analysts, and other people involved in designing and developing technology cannot operate is “Data”. The data allows us to derive our required information for performing specific operations.

Whether or it belongs to an organization, it always carries great importance, and losing it due to it is your personal data any catastrophe will cause inconvenience. Backing up your data is the smart move to keep you safe from any kind of distress and loss.

What is meant by Backup?

Backup refers to the process of copying and storing the data or databases to a secondary location for protection in case of any data loss.

Why are Backups needed?

There are a lot of reasons for backing up your data. The most prominent one is Data protection. According to World’s Backup day, 1 out of 10 computers is infected by different viruses every month. Furthermore, 70 million smartphones are lost every year. Each of the compromised computers and lost smartphones contain numerous useful data, losing which could cause a great inconvenience for the users.

Let us dig deep into the need for backups by going through the key points given below:

  1. Prevention of Data Loss

You might have experienced a data loss or heard of it. The main reason for backing up your data is to save your media files at a place from where you can retrieve them safely in case of any catastrophe, preventing data loss.

  1. Record for Audits

Every organization must maintain its financial data. This data is examined in audits and is required for tax reporting. If any of the data is lost, it could result in a great financial loss and could cause serious legal issues for a company. Therefore, backups act as lifesavers for an organization.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

By keeping a backup of your data, you can keep a track of your records and make future decisions accordingly. This helps in keeping track and ultimately results in improved productivity of your organization.

Backup Solutions

Multiple backup solutions are available to help you in backing up your data. Each one of these has certain specifications and you can opt for the best-suited one. Some of the frequently used backup solutions are:

  • Removeable Media – USBs, Memory cards, External hard drives (SSD, DE), and DVDs.
  • Cloud Storage – Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.
  • Backup software – Acronis Cyber Backup, Backup Radar, etc.

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